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An update...?!

Not that anybody reads this, but I suppose I should update this thing just to keep a personal track on things.
*ahem* Our amazing, beautiful, and lovable site hostess, Hanel, made us a lovely new layout featuring one of my all-time favorite pairings; Zax/Aerith.
I suppose this means were out of the testing stages, and are becoming more serious about this project.

We should be updating a load of more doujinshi we've gathered in the span of several months, and hopefully upload some summaries. No, we don't do scans; that's just unfair to the artist. If you think it sounds interesting, then go buy it! Shopping, and owning the doujinshi yourself, is what makes it so fun.
On that note, some of the doujinshi we own and upload will be up for sale/trade. Just keep an eye open to find out which ones!

I guess that wraps up this post; I'll also be updating with some art every once in awhile, when I grow less lazy and a bit more motivated. If I get around to coloring it, there will be an ichiru picture to look forward to...? Sure.
I am shocked at how many favorites my Kyo/Yuya picture got on deviantart; you're all blind. ♥ 

Anyway, if anyone's interest, go check out the new Samurai-Blade!!
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