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For all your doujinshi needs (not really).

31 January 1988
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Samurai-Blade on LiveJournal was created by the site's owners Rin and Jay in an effort to share our interests more efficiently, and by using a specific journal, rather than our own personal ones, which would just become confusing.

In the journal, we'll post any updates or news we have in the future. It may also be used to sell any unwanted doujinshi, or even mangas, etc.

We're not spammers or spam-bots, nor will either of us ever become one, so never fear.

If you're a fan of doujinshi, check out the site for more info and a pretty nice collection. If not, move right along.

Thanks for lookin'!
- Rin & Jay.

All the credit for our awesome layout belongs to:
orlandogirl of twistedcuteness! ♥

Digital Catharsis Samurai-Blade Desolate Dreams

››CREDIT; This profile layout was made by misteline@inconcerto. It features a Bleach doujinshi called Yuki Asobi by Honey Canon. The doujinshi was scanned by Kurosouko.

Okita x Kagura is a different kind of love

Ichigo x Rukia is love.

Gin x Rangiku is love.

Roy x Hawkeye is love.